Update 1.6 Released

Horror FPS KIT

Update Notes

Update 1.5.3 has been released, this update comes with huge major improvements for the most requested cross-platform support. Cross-Platform Input is in beta stage, which means the script will improve in future updates. I came to the conclusion to create a custom script that processes all inputs from the new Unity Input System manually, because the Unity Input System documentation was not well documented and some system features were difficult to implement, such as rebindable input etc I also wanted to keep the ability to rebind all inputs from the file, and since the Input System doesn't have this feature, I created it. I also know that zombies are not very intelligent, if you stand on top of the box, zombies will stop attacking you, it will probably be a problem with Unity NavMesh, if I find a way to fix it, I will release new update. Anyway, If you don't like the new Zombie AI system, you can create a better AI solution with Emerald AI.


  • Added Cross-Platform System using new Unity Input System (PC, PS4, XONE)
  • Added Advanced Menu UI system with Cross-Platform compatibility.
  • Added Cross-Platform compatibility for Inventory.
  • Added Options Controller with Cross-Platform compatibility.
  • Added support for saving and loading objects created at runtime.
  • Added JsonHandler for handling options settings.
  • Added Objective Events.
  • Added Cutscenes Manager.

  • Added System for Surface Details with support for defining object and terrain surfaces.
  • Added System for creating objects at runtime with support for saving and loading.
  • Added Zombie AI System with new behaviours (Sleep, Scream, Agony, Eat)
  • Added Zombie AI Footsteps System.
  • Added Breakable Objects System with item drops.
  • Added Shortcut Autobind feature.

  • Added new Water with better Performance.
  • Added new Pause/Main Menu UI.
  • Added new Player Body Model.
  • Added new Player Body Control System.
  • Added new Player Controller script.
  • Added new Player Footsteps script.
  • Added new Player Ragdoll Death.
  • Added new Player Ladder System.
  • Added new Player Weapon System.
  • Added new Prefabs.
  • Added new Sounds.

  • Improved Showcase/Demo Scene.
  • Improved Interactive Item script.
  • Improved Examination System.
  • Improved Draggable Objects.
  • Improved Jumpscare Effects.
  • Improved Player Zoom.
  • Improved MouseLook.

  • Fixed an issue with draggable doors that did not make a close sound.
  • Fixed an issue with objects stuck in the air after the examination.
  • Fixed an issue with reloading items which are not currently selected.
  • Fixed an issue with floating icons appearing in the wrong position.

  • Added editor icons for several scripts.
  • Added support for Emerald AI.
  • Added new Updated Documentation.

  • Partial support for URP/HDRP.
  • Script Optimizations.