Update 1.5 Released

Horror FPS KIT

Update Notes

Update 1.5 has been released, it comes with a huge changes to almost everything, the main improvement in this update is a better Save/Load system, which now saves your data faster, we have redesigned UI, which includes Inventory and Game UI, also we have added a bunch of new features like Objectives, Full Player Body, Inventory Containers, Contex menu and Shortcuts, CCTV, Cardlock and Padlock, Melee Weapon, New Showcase and Demo scene and much more..


  • New Save/Load System
  • New Inventory UI
  • New Game UI
  • Added Objectives System
  • Added Full Player Body
  • Added Inevntory Shortcuts
  • Added Inventory Containers
  • Added Inventory Contex Menu
  • Added CCTV System
  • Added Cardlock & Padlock System
  • Added Melee (Axe)
  • Added Radio Object
  • Added New Fonts
  • Added New Examine Functions
  • Added New Inventory Items
  • Added New Showcase & Demo Scene
  • Added Interfaces (ISaveable, ISwitcher..)
  • Updated Main Scripts to Sigleton Class
  • Updated PlayerController Script
  • Updated DynamicObject Script
  • Updated ItemSwitcher Script
  • Updated HealthManager Script
  • Updated Object Interaction System
  • Updated Light Interaction System
  • Updated Floating Icon System
  • Updated Scriptable Objects
  • Updated Event Systems
  • Updated AudioZones
  • Updated Notifications
  • Updated Documentation
  • Script Optimizations
  • Fixed AI Pathfinding
  • Fixed Lantern Animation
  • Fixed Script Bugs
  • Removed SaveHelper.cs
  • Removed Old Scripts